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Bip-Hop is Not Hip-Hop

Bip-Hop is such a new form of music that it has not become super popular as yet and often gets mixed up with Hip-Hop. When doing a search on the internet for this genre, the results will often bring up Hip-Hop.

The Creation of Bip-Hop

According to the information on the web, this type of R&B music comes in the form of a music label. Also, it includes offerings of it through a webzine. One of the founders of the label is Phillipe Petit. This is an artist who has been involved with different types of music genres and has been associated with music through a large variety of bands.

Using Words

Phillipe formed a list of words that can be used in Bip-Hop music from the main word "chiropractor". The list includes words like arc, poor, and actor, just to name a few.


The playlist for Bip-Hop is growing, and one of the songs included on it was created to promote a product such as the Rolex watch. It appears to be an excellent approach for marketing, as it mimics Hip-Hop in itself, which has become very popular. Still, it has its own unique twist to it.

For those who are always looking for something new when it comes to music, then they will want to check out the current playlist that is available for Bip-Hop. They just may find that this form of R&B is a little more intriguing than some other types. Who knows this kind of music might find its way in movies, online games and more.